RTX is the global voice hub for 1000’s of telecom operators around the world.

Through its easy to use, scalable and secure portal, our members gain immediate access to global carrier traffic and RTX services designed to support your business growth. Suppliers on the RTX exchange benefit from daily payment facilities and full control of their funds whilst customers use RTX exchange to meet capacity demands and target new, profitable supply.


RTX has an online worldwide community of thousands of telecoms operators all trading with each other via single IP interconnects. This means that when you become a member of the RTX exchange you will have access to all these carriers through just one interconnect.


Our carrier exchange is integrated with the software of leading international banks, offering the most secure cash and credit management solution. We provide pay-as-you-go and insured post-paid facilities, eliminating financial risk to buyers and sellers.


We allow organisations of all sizes, from anywhere in the world, the ability to connect and acquire end-to-end solutions for their businesses and customers. Our anonymous trading model, underpinned with our secure cash management service, allows major and smaller wholesale operators to do business worldwide.

Key features

Send and receive traffic NOW
We pay DAILY
You control YOUR money
Immediate access to 1000’s global carriers
New FAST and SIMPLE sign-up


RTX partners with Deutsche Telekom ICSS to provide Dynamic Voice Exchange (DVX) More...

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To become a member of RTX, please fill out our online Application Form. Once we receive it one of our team will be in touch.

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  • A global player helping to expand the market

    Founded in 2007, our rapid growth in the market is testament to our robust and secure business model, and has earned us the reputation as the ‘definitive’ global carrier exchange platform. With RTX, organisations from anywhere in the world have access to an industry-leading trading environment: through a single IP interconnect members can buy, sell and manage their traffic worldwide at any time.

    RTX is unique in the way that it is the first carrier exchange that has integrated its platform with the software of leading international banks offering the most secure cash and credit management solution.

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