About RTX

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  • Trilico is back to its reliable RTX RouteTrader Exchange parent company name


About RTX

The RTX exchange is an online community of telecoms operators trading anonymously through a web-based members portal. This provides a growing number of organisations of all sizes, from anywhere in the world, the ability to connect and acquire end-to-end solutions for their businesses and customers.

Members are allocated their own Client Account over which they have full access and control and these funds are completely segregated from those of RTX offering a secure cash management mechanism.

All operations are channelled through a single IP interconnect which means our members are able to maximise network usage and improve profitability and efficiency. This is particularly useful for niche operators who are able to use the platform as an effective channel to reach a wider market without needing additional resources to facilitate incremental sales. Furthermore, the benefits to niche suppliers continue with RTX Fast Pay, a service which bridges the payment gap between carriers and improves cash flow and profitability.

Our members include MNOs, PTTs and other Tier 1 and Tier 2 carriers, as well as niche operators, calling card providers and ISPs.

Key Benefits

For Buyers

You have the choice of a wide variety of global routes based on price, quality or a mixture of both. All monies are held in a segregated account by a major international bank, independently of RTX’s funds, therefore eliminating any risk of loss. Also, anonymity allows major and smaller retailers to do business worldwide.

For Suppliers

Create instant revenue by selling routes to other members, via a single interconnect. Due to all buyers funds being held in a Client Account held by one of the major international banks, the risk of bad debt and financial risk is eliminated. With RTX Fast Pay, our quality assured and fully credit insured model enables quick and guaranteed payments, which allows you to generate immediate revenue, manage cash flow and plan further destinations.

How it works

Latest News

RouteTrader Exchange returns to its 'routes'. London, UK – 1st of March 2020 – Trilico will be returning to its former trusted and reliable name RTX RouteTrader Exchange Read More...


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