Partner Program



Partner Program – Gaining Significant Benefits Through Customisation

The RTX Partner Program provides our carefully selected members the benefits of security and personalisation. These members are given the opportunity to customise our banking infrastructure and billing platform with their own branding, launching it globally for their own in-house revenue generating opportunities.

For these members, the rewards are significant ! Enabling growth in areas before deemed 'too risky'.

Many Tier 1 carriers have clients which, for different reasons, they would consider to be ‘High Risk’ or ‘High Maintenance’. The RTX Partner Program provides flexibility to support partners to profit from these revenue opportunities by combining the robustness of the RTX services with the branding of the partner.

Risk Free trading due to RTX banking integration.
Multiple rate cards and multi-currency.
Online advertising for your key routes.
Your single interconnect with RTX is a gateway to thousands of operators around the globe.
Your clients gain access to your A-Z global routing via a single VoIP interconnect with the platform.

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