RTX Fast Pay



RTX FastPay – Daily Payments For our Suppliers

RTX Fast Pay is a service feature that bridges the cash flow gap between members buying and selling voice, call centre and SMS services across the exchange.

In traditional relationships with carriers, extended credit terms settlements often disrupt cash flow for smaller niche suppliers that depend on timely payments.

RTX Fast Pay provides suppliers with faster access to funds thereby improving their cash flow and resulting competitiveness in the marketplace.

RTX is able to offer DAILY payment terms across its existing range of services, removing these barriers and allowing our suppliers to generate immediate revenue, manage cashflow and plan further destinations.

Key Benefits

Quick and simple qualification process.
Expedited payments terms using a flexible 'sliding scale' fee basis.
Enables suppliers to manage cash flow, increase revenues and ensure it is in the most profitable position.
Suppliers can look to further destinations in the knowledge they can fund them due to improved cash flow and profitability.
'Usage based' so suppliers maximise their return in the wholesale cycle of fluctuating capacity and demand.
Increases the volume of competitive supply meaning better rates for customers.

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