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  • Trilico is back to its reliable RTX RouteTrader Exchange parent company name

The winning combination

RTX is proud to be a part of its customers’ success stories and nowhere has this been more apparent than with the Partner Program.

“The benefits RTX are capable of bringing to the industry’s very biggest players are plain for all to see. We continually strive to improve our platform and ensure we deliver the most definitive and secure global carrier exchange," explains Miles Esfahani, Managing Director.

The RTX Partner Program enables customers to take advantage of new revenue streams and realise new markets and forward growth.


PCCW Global is a leading telecommunications provider, offering the latest voice and data solutions to multi-national enterprises and communication service providers. Owners of one of the largest worldwide IP backbones, it connects businesses reliably and cost-efficiently around the globe, unifying voice, data and video into a fast, secure network.

Emmanuel Bain, VP Global Voice Sales for PCCW Global stated: "We have worked with RTX for a number of years and have experienced an uplift in wholesale traffic since adopting the Partner Program, both in terms of quality and variety of customers as well as fast on-boarding process. The RTX platform supports our existing wholesale operation, providing us with the flexibility to conduct additional in-house activities that complement our international voice business. The Partner Program has removed many of the risks associated with dealing with international wholesale market, opening the door to new business opportunities and customers around the globe regardless of size or location, in a safe and secure environment.”

Latest News

RouteTrader Exchange returns to its 'routes'. London, UK – 1st of March 2020 – Trilico will be returning to its former trusted and reliable name RTX RouteTrader Exchange Read More...


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