One of the biggest struggles that our voice carriers face is the delay in receiving cash from its customers on a timely basis.


Every day and indeed every hour that payment is delayed causes missed opportunities. In our renowned fast-moving industry, timing is critical and your ability to successfully deliver more deals more often will give your sales team the edge they need. If they cannot deliver the deal on time, it can cause loss of trust with your partner, preventing future deals, and you may not get that second chance.


With our reliable and swift RTX Fast pay service, we put your mind at rest by solving that problem for you. Our partners will receive the cash to carry out those vital deals, and your sales team will never need to tell their customer they are not ready for business because of cash. Your sales team can focus on expanding business and increasing opportunities. This is the key to any forward moving business.


RTX’s quality assured and fully credit insured model enables quick and guaranteed payments, which allows suppliers to generate immediate revenue & manage cash flow.



All you need to do is sign up to the Fast pay service for a competitive fee, provide us your bank details and you are ready to go! We pay out the very next day for the traffic that has been terminated. It’s as simple as that. It’s fast, solid and reliable.


Step 1: Customers traffic terminated by supplier

Step 2: RTX pays supplier for yesterday’s traffic.

Step 3: Customer pays RTX on post-paid terms


Launched in Q4-2015 RTX Fastpay is an ultra profitable financial service offering to smaller suppliers (members)

On RTX’s [post-paid] solution, RTX Fastpay – Factoring – is offered to suppliers to eliminate cash flow problem, when trading with Tier 1 carriers

Through RTX Fastpay, suppliers can get paid immediately, instead of being subject to unfavorable payment terms often standard at larger tier 1s

RTX Fastpay is fully funded by PNC, and fully insured by Euler Hermes, hence subjects RTX to no credit risk at all

Faster payment from customer results in much improved cash-flow for RTX

RTX is able to increase supply to such customers as they pay faster