Faster Payments

Fast Pay Service | RTX

Our Fast-Pay service allows us to offer early or daily payments to help bridge the cash flow gap between buyers and sellers.


At RTX, we can make daily payments to our suppliers alongside their standard billing terms for any preferential rates we receive, or to enable specific deals to run whereby our suppliers will benefit from daily payments.


This service is especially beneficial for smaller carriers as this ensures their service is not interrupted due to cash flow barriers, whilst also providing larger carriers faster access to funds, thus allowing them to continue providing termination at competitive costs, generating immediate revenue and reaching increased profitability.


“We have worked with the team at RTX for the last 5 years because we get access to traffic streams that aren’t available elsewhere coupled with high quality routes for termination. The big plus for us has been speed at which payments are made. Always quick and hassle free”

-Sajjad Anwar, Head of Carrier, VR Telecom