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Bridging the capital gap between Tier 1’s and destination suppliers at agreed rates for large call volumes.

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Suppliers offer rates on the Routetrader platform, which pre-paid customers can utilise on a spot basis.

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Tier 1 access to multiple niche
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The RTX Partner Program is a self-service platform for Tier 1 carriers to offer wholesale voice & SMS services to small wholesale operators anywhere.

The RTX Partner Program is an industry leading solution for global carriers to access smaller wholesale customers that would be traditionally out of their reach. By doing so opening up a market that will be worth $45bn by 2026

The challenge for carriers is to find ways to bring on & maintain wholesale customers where margins are being squeezed and the risk of bad debt is a constant threat. The RTX Partner Program addresses this problem in a unique way using world class technology to provide a low touch “plug n play” solution that provides instant access to the global wholesale market.

Built on the same (technology/principles) as the RTX Global Exchange the RTX Partner Program is centred on our unique banking solution that allows real time settlements in multiple currencies. The integration with leading international banks is unique to RTX and entirely eliminates all risk for the Partner whilst protecting the funds of the customer. Calls are cut off as soon as the customer’s available balance is reached.

For the Partner utilizing the platform could not be simpler. Customers sign up via an online portal and send traffic to the platform. They simply fill in an online sign-up form and submit their credentials and RTX will take care of the vetting process. The entire on boarding process takes less than 48 hours – the fastest in the industry. A genuinely low touch solution with low overheads to match.

Once completed all that remains is for the customer to make a payment and they are ready to send traffic. The traffic is then received via a single IP from RTX to the Partner’s wholesale network for termination. The integration with the Partner’s own network and systems is seamless.

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Bespoke Solutions Tailored to Individual Carriers Needs

The RTX Partner Program is customised entirely to suit the varied needs of Tier 1 Carriers. Every aspect of the platform is tailored to suit the Partner’s needs.

RTX will design the portal by adhering to the Partner’s strict brand guidelines. As a result each platform has its own unique look & feel.

The ability to customise does not end there. The platform can be configured around the product portfolio the Partner wishes to offer. Voice services can be offered as wholesale & retail; standard & premium; platinum, gold & silver. Similarly, SMS services can also be offered based on grade of service. Bulk SMS and A2P are supported.

Wholesale telecommunications is a global business so the RTX Partner Program supports multiple currencies – USD, EUR, GBP for example. Customers can sign up to either prepaid or post-paid terms. In either case the Partner’s risk is mitigated thanks to the RTX banking & finance infrastructure.

RTX works closely with its partners to implement of a full ‘Go To Market’ plan. This includes a marketing video, press releases and market coverage in specialised publications and at industry events. All branded by the Partner and powered by RTX


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