Where buyers & sellers can meet anonymously & trade in Wholesale Voice and SMS without risk to either party.


All that is needed is a single IP connection to the RTX Global Exchange to gain instant access to thousands of operators globally. By doing so the need to connect with hundreds of operators and to manage hundreds of operators is eliminated. This truly represents the smart way to operate. Once set up, trading on the RTX Global Exchange could not be simpler.


As a buyer simply make a payment in your chosen currency – multiple currencies are supported – into your own secure digital wallet. The payment is credited immediately onto your account on the RTX Global Exchange, and you are ready to trade. Seek out the routes that you want at the rate you need along with quality that suits you hit “buy” and start sending traffic. All you need to do then is keep your account topped up for the traffic to continue flowing. Any unused funds can be withdrawn at any time.


As a seller all you need to do is post or advertise your offers – service, destination, route type, quality & rate on the RTX Global Exchange. The RTX Global Exchange will match your offer to buyers and traffic will start to flow.  As each minute, message or data packet is sent to your network for termination the cost of that traffic will transfer from the buyers virtual account into the sellers virtual account in real time. There is zero exposure for sellers and funds can be withdrawn from the virtual account at any time. If the buyer’s funds are fully utilized the RTX Global Exchange will cut off the traffic immediately.


The RTX Global Exchange is able to provide bullet proof financial security to buyers & sellers thanks to its unique integrated banking facility. This is underpinned by global tier 1 banks including Lloyds Bank plc. The virtual accounts reside with Lloyds for example thus ensuring Members funds are held securely and available for withdrawal at any time.


Global Exchange Benefits for the Buyer and Seller | RTX Routetrader