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RTX Routetrader offers international voice call facilitation for large telecom operators, alongside a white label platform allowing 4,000 smaller carriers access to diversified, cost effective voice routes. This provides a growing number of organisations of all sizes, from anywhere in the world, the ability to connect and acquire end-to-end solutions for their businesses and customers. RTX Routetrader also offers a Fastpay solution whereby suppliers can request next day payment for services rendered to ease with their working capital cycle.

Improving a manual process

As a global hub for in-excess of 4000 telecom operators world-wide, RTX Routetrader manages transactions through a multitude of different internal systems on a daily basis. When CFO, Craig Chapman was engaged by an article posted by Toshiba on LinkedIn, it peaked his interest in Document Management Solutions and whether there was a potential to stream-line and standardise some processes within the organisation. Craig commented: “I am relatively new to the business and wanted to review our systems, interfaces and internal communication flow. I was aware as an organisation that our way of working was very manual and that we had a lot of replication of data between systems. I was interested to understand what could be done, particularly in the areas of customer on-boarding and accounts payable, to see if we could simplify workflows, improve control and formalise processes.” Toshiba Tec’s Document Management Solution (DMS) is a structured storage of all documents in one central document pool. This centralised storage works with customised flows, designed around business requirements and operational processes that send documents electronically from one user to another. These workflows ensure that staff members can view, check or authorise as needed and that they manage tasks in a timely manner and in the correct order.

Understanding the customer needs

Following the initial engagement and a demonstration of Toshiba’s DMS platform, a discovery meeting was arranged for Toshiba to understand exactly how RTX Routetrader operated, examine their workflows and then prepare the necessary statement of works, with particular focus on customer on-boarding and accounts payable. John Ruda, Head of Process Optimisation at Toshiba commented on the scoping process:

“ We understand that every customer is different and always take the time in our discovery meetings to thoroughly look at the customer’s business, digesting their requirements, and building a project that is tailored and flexible. We work in partnership with the customer to design workflows that will be easy to use and give them a holistic view of everything in the process including; digital check list, audit trail, compliance, avoiding manual data entry and errors and extracting data to feed into other systems

Making things happen

With the results of the discovery phase analysed and benefits clearly recognised, Toshiba began the implementation phase of the project. After a five week process RTX Routetrader had a fully functioning digital storage, retrieval and workflow solution, replacing a manual paper trail that included; the handling and collection of customer information, the upload of related documents, invoices, purchase orders and all documents related to these processes. Craig Chapman commented on the implementation process: “We were up and running within a very short time-frame of the discovery meeting with our new DMS. The implementation was very smooth, and the Toshiba team could not have been more helpful, they designed the work flows to match the exact requirements of the business, and were great at problem solving when questions and queries arose, I really couldn’t have asked for more.”

Gaining complete visibility and control

The DMS software has enabled vast improvements throughout the day to day business operation of RTX Routetrader. The major benefit being the simplification of all processes. Data that was replicated, via manual data entry into 5 different systems, is now pushed from one system into another, without the use of spreadsheets, giving complete visibility as to where a document is at any point in time and most importantly a clear audit trail. Not only is the speed of process improved, but the chance of errors and mistakes is eliminated. Storage of documents is now structured with easy retrieval and bottle necks are reduced so staff are able to focus more time on customer facing activities. Craig commented on the benefits of the solution:

“ It really ticks so many boxes for our business, it’s not so much the digitisation but everything around it, the audit trail, approvals, standard way of organising documents, workflows instead of emails and you can use it to push data around other systems. Our customer on-boarding process is so much quicker and more efficient. With 14 different documents that need to be tracked and approved, we now have full visibility of exactly where we are in the process. We have complete control over the entire process with secure data that is fully compliant for auditing and we can even generate contracts from the system.