Our hubbing and premium direct voice routing service gives our customers the peace of mind and certainty that their calls terminate with the highest possible quality.

We understand that each customer has their own unique and specific requirements. For that reason, we offer multiple LCR options that fit your needs and budget, supported by our 24/7 dedicated routing team. In order to structure our routing operations to meet your goals, you have the option to choose between two quality levels.


The RTX Global Exchange – where buyers & sellers can meet anonymously & trade in Wholesale Voice and SMS without risk to either party. All that is needed is a single IP connection to the RTX Global Exchange to gain instant access to thousands of operators globally.

By doing so the need to connect with hundreds of operators and to manage hundreds of operators is eliminated. This truly represents the smart way to operate. Once set up, trading on the RTX Global Exchange could not be simpler.



Every day and indeed every hour that payment is delayed causes missed opportunities. In our renowned fast moving industry, timing is critical and your success rate to deliver promised deals is your company’s gold in reputation and in building a strong sales team that delivers. If they cannot deliver the deal on time, it can cause loss of trust with your partner, preventing future deals, and you may not get that second chance.

All you need to do is sign up to the Fast pay service for a competitive fee, provide us your bank details and you are ready to go!



The RTX Partner Program is customised entirely to suit the varied needs of Tier 1 Carriers. Every aspect of the platform is tailored to suit the Partner’s needs.

RTX will design the portal by adhering to the Partner’s strict brand guidelines. As a result each platform has its own unique look & feel.

The ability to customise does not end there. The platform can be configured around the product portfolio the Partner wishes to offer. Voice services can be offered as wholesale & retail; standard & premium; platinum, gold & silver.